that time i saw grace jones wandering the aisles at duane reade – Michael Chang

when i was young           i was taught
all good things start with            
a doctor            a lawyer
a pair of black nikes            a terrible burning lust

you (the one next door)
start talking about my wit            then my smile then my body
i admire your powerful back            as you fix breakfast in shorts and loafers
you serve me cereal             in a crystal bowl
i brush your hair like a prize pooch            put my arms around your waist
freshly showered            erect
i fear for my desire            hunter or hunted
i put out a clean shirt for you

you (the one who got away)
there is no difference      between bad pizza and okay pizza
           it is still pizza      you say
stupid smirk on your face            really pleased with yourself
everybody knows             the best backstreet boys song is the call
don’t @ me            you say
weak      foolish      i ignore your request for a read receipt
i block the person            i am actually waiting for
i spend 4 full days             ordering delivery and watching 55 episodes of friends
           i will never be the same

you (the one in my seminar)
you and your creative flow            give me a break
your stories are babbling            pointless rambling exercises in futility
a 10?              maybe on the ph scale
please don’t mind         the cheeto dust         on my face
more to the point         can i pass         for someone exceptional

you (the one)
this face intentionally left blank
i buckle up            brace myself
to battle            your bulge
do you feel alive now      you whisper


MICHAEL CHANG hopes to win the New Jersey Blueberry Princess pageant one day.  Michael strongly suspects that they were born in the wrong decade.  A recovering vegan, their favorite ice cream flavor was almost renamed due to scandal.  

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