it actually takes a lot of effort to look effortless – Michael Chang

to set the scene             a troubled past
secret meetings in chinatown              documents ordered shredded

do you swear to tell the whole truth              nothing but the truth
so help you god

witness              why are you prepared to recant the testimony
you previously provided to this committee              on the afternoon of
october 3              otherwise known as mean girls day

distinguished members of the committee              all i meant to say was
this whiteboy              is the direct cause of my madness
             and the proximate cause of my delirium
it’s in all the texts              and google searches

witness              is it not true that
on the morning of              june 5
you wiped your lip with glee

distinguished members of the committee              i respectfully submit
i do not recall              the specific instance in question
but i have always enjoyed              his overnight company
             and his words pregnant with meaning
i wish my recollection were more refreshed
             i am so afraid               of what his love will do to me
that i must be put              in witness protection


MICHAEL CHANG hopes to win the New Jersey Blueberry Princess pageant one day.  Michael strongly suspects that they were born in the wrong decade.  A recovering vegan, their favorite ice cream flavor was almost renamed due to scandal.  

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