Milk + Beans

Milk + Beans is here for you to get that recurring niggle off your chest. You can only bend your mum’s ear so often, or drag up the same old stuff with your pals for a limited amount of time before they’re all sick of hearing about it. But you’re not ready to let go yet. That’s where we come in.

Confessions? We’ll listen. Problems? We’ll lend an ear. Secrets? Confide in us. An essay on receiving unsolicited dick pics? Even better.

Whether it’s bubbling, ready to come out, or needs to be teased gently with pen and paper, Milk + Beans is here to give you a platform to be heard. We accept fiction, personal essays, and poetry. Send us whatever you need to; we’ll be here with humour, wine, and a sympathetic ear.

We suggest starting off by reading the pieces we’ve published so far, and encourage all to submit their work to us here.